How do I Reserve a Puppy?


The primary and fastest way to reserve a puppy is by clicking on the "Reserve This Puppy" button under the puppies picture.  When you do this it will ask you to fill out a form with your Name, Address, and Phone number.  Once you have done so, you will be allowed on to place a $200 deposit using a credit card, debit card,  or Paypal account.  The total charge is $206 which includes a $6 credit card fee.  If you can call first, it is best, but if you are concerned you will loose your little one by the time you are able to contact us, (they do go very quickly) please reserve the puppy first so that you don't loose your favorite puppy.  Even after you have placed your deposit there can be multiple deposits placed on the same puppy, in which case we will take the first customers deposit, and return the other, or apply it to a different puppy.  Thanks!